Duncan Howlett

Duncan Howlett

The Swiss army knife of the music business. Duncan is a portfolio musician and entrepreneur that has experience in many different fields of the music industry including performance in many guises, music business, teaching and running his own teaching business, songwriting, social media and marketing, content creation and film making, endorsements and working as a micro influencer.

Performing as Duncan Howlett Guitarist he plays solo fingerstyle guitar and has many original compositions and cover arrangements. He also performs as part of an acoustic duo and has a lot of prior experience playing in bands, such as The Grand Majestic with whom he had the pleasure of supporting Californian funk legends Breakestra and the Brand New Heavies. With his wife he co-founded AKL Brighton running acoustic nights across Brighton for many years.

He is an endorsed artist of Acus Sound Engineering, Ortega Guitars, Carl Martin and G7th Capo and does a lot of work in content creation. He runs his own film and content creation project under the name Howlett Media and works with some brilliant organisations including WaterBear The College of Music.

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