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Being at WaterBear is about more than just being a music student at uni. It’s a way of life. We believe in empowering the artist and understand that everyone who studies a course with us has their own story to tell, and their own path to follow.

WaterBear life is about being immersed in music, honing your skills in a place where you’re supported to grow artistically and professionally.  Our community of students all share a passion for music and an excitement that goes with working at the forefront of a new era in the modern music industry. 

It’s about being in a city with rich music heritage and vibrant music community. Getting involved in the local scene, growing networks and gaining valuable work experience, to build resilient long-term careers. It’s about personal growth and development too, and having fun doing what you love.


We run regular events from the college campus and WaterBear Venue, whether it be student hangs, club nights, live gigs, or music industry conferences and seminars. We also work closely with many different industry partners including our friends at The Great Escape and Brighton Music Conference to bring unique industry opportunities and insights to our students.


Guest visits and masterclasses take place regularly at the college, showcasing some of the foremost artists and innovators in today’s music scene. We work alongside some of the world’s biggest bands, artists, YouTubers, PR companies, managers and labels, keen to share their knowledge and experience.

Scholarships and Bursaries

We are very proud to partner with some of the biggest names in music to offer various Scholarship awards and free course places. We also offer a range of bursaries to help students fund their studies and activities at WaterBear.  


We partner with some the biggest names and brands in music, bringing our students unrivalled opportunities to learn from inside the music industry.

Falmouth University

WaterBear is a College of Falmouth University, one of the UK’s leading universities for music and the creative industries. We are proud to partner with Falmouth and work closely with them to ensure our courses remain flexible, innovative and tailored for today’s independent musicians and artists.

Student Support

Wellbeing, and the health and happiness of our musicians is more important than anything. We have a commitment to smaller class sizes, one-to-one mentoring, and the support we offer is to make sure nothing gets in the way of your goals.

School Tours

We regularly visit schools and colleges around the UK, offering free workshops with help and advice for young musicians and artists. If you know of a school or college who’d like a visit from WaterBear, click the link below to find out how it works.

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Why We're WaterBear...

- ‘Water bear’ is the common name for a Tardigrade.
- Tardigrades are micro creatures, found everywhere on earth.
- They are the most resilient creatures known.
- They can survive and adapt to their surroundings, even in outer space.
- Their resilience and ability to adapt and survive inspires us in everything we do. We love them.

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