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WaterBear Facilities

We have several college buildings that make up our central Brighton campus, all within easy reach of each other. As well as our main college buildings and beachfront music venue, we work with established Brighton venues where we run many classes and activities. We want WaterBear musicians and artists to be making the most of these fantastic venues for maximum exposure and networking opportunities in the local music scene.

As a college run by professional musicians, we know everything about equipment and what kind of gear you need access to. Drummers learn on acoustic kits, guitarists and bassists plug into their own amps, music producers and electronic artists work with the latest tech and equipment. And everyone can use all the other great gear in the college. Teaching spaces are fitted out with state-of-the-art digital A/V technology. You’ll also find classic vintage gear alongside modern musical equipment to give you the best of both worlds.

WaterBear has 3 college buildings in the heart of Brighton:

WaterBear HQ

Our HQ building is where you’ll find Mac suites, mentoring rooms, mixing / mastering suite and general-purpose teaching spaces, all done out in our unique WaterBear style. It’s also where we run our open day events.

WaterBear Bond St.

We have a second building located in the heart of the North Laine area on one of Brighton’s best-known streets, Bond St. Here you’ll find more dedicated teaching space, Mac suite and DJ practice facilities. It’s also above one Brighton’s best loved coffee houses, where our artists and musicians regularly perform.

The WaterBear Venue

This is WaterBear’s very own seafront music and club venue. Located right on the beach, this iconic venue was once one of Brighton’s most famous club venues. Now exclusively operated by WaterBear, it’s a great place for our musicians to socialise, with lots of events happening throughout the week. The Venue is also available to be booked by students for their own music projects, and there are regular opportunities for work there too.

A City-Wide Campus

In addition to the college buildings, you’ll regularly work in other professional music venues and studios across the city. This is a great way to grow your network and be working with people who are known and busy in the local scene. Examples include Small Pond studios, Brighton Electric studios and The Prince Albert music venue. 

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Why We're WaterBear...

- ‘Water bear’ is the common name for a Tardigrade.
- Tardigrades are micro creatures, found everywhere on earth.
- They are the most resilient creatures known.
- They can survive and adapt to their surroundings, even in outer space.
- Their resilience and ability to adapt and survive inspires us in everything we do. We love them.

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