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Funding and Finance

Funding and Finance

Money on your mind? Get the low-down on fees and funding at WaterBear.


Course Tuition Fees

Our course tuition fees are set annually and are subject to review each year. Fees may therefore be raised in the second or subsequent years of a course, in line with inflation and/or the maximum permitted by law or Government policy. We will confirm any change to the annual tuition fee to you in writing prior to you starting each subsequent year of study. Our course tuition fees for the 22-23 academic year are shown below.

BA (Hons) Career Musician

3-year full-time on-site

£9,250 per year

2-year full-time accelerated online (distance learning)

£9,950 per year

BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business

3-year full-time on-site

£9,250 per year

2-year full-time accelerated online (distance learning)

£9,950 per year

MA Music Industry Enterprise

1-year full-time blended learning


2-year part-time online (distance learning)

£4,975 per year

MA Music Performance, Production and Business*

1-year full-time on-site


*subject to approval, Spring 2022

Funding (UK)

All courses at WaterBear are listed for UK government student loan funding and UK residents may be eligible for undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fee loans. Maintenance loans to help with living costs (e.g., rent, food, equipment, etc.) may also be available to those studying the 3-year BA (Hons) programmes. Students from lower income households may receive more financial support. You can get an idea of how much support is available to you using the student finance calculator. Further information is available here:


Northern Ireland:


Additional funding may be available if you have dependents. The Adult Dependants’ Grant is for students who have another adult financially dependent on them. The Childcare Grant is funding specifically to cover childcare expenses whilst studying, and the Parents’ Learning Allowance helps parents pay for course expenses such as books, study materials and travel costs. All grants are means-tested (based on household income).


Funding (International)

We welcome students based anywhere overseas to study on our distance learning courses. If you are a resident of one those countries listed below, check with the relevant organisation for funding eligibility:





United States:

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