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What is EQ?

17th June 2021 by Will Francis
What is EQ?  Used on every instrument, in all playing situations and on all recordings, […]

How to Play Guitar like Prince

11th June 2021 by Will Francis
The year is 1984, you watch Dynasty then head to the cinema. There, the glorious […]

How to promote your music on TikTok

3rd June 2021 by Will Francis
Snapchat and Instagram’s child bathed in the ashes of Vine and arose as the viral […]

Submit Your Music to these Blogs

27th May 2021 by Will Francis
Your band is a well-oiled machine, owning stages (when they reopen, not long now) and […]

The 2021 WaterBear Songwriting Factory

20th May 2021 by Jodie Amos
WaterBear | The College of Music are excited to announce the launch of The WaterBear […]

How to start a music teaching business

20th May 2021 by Will Francis
She wakes up at 7.40am to be online for 8am. Work is long, her eyes are […]

WaterBear Announces Carl Cox Scholarship Award

20th May 2021 by Adam Bushell
We’re delighted to announce a new scholarship award with one of the world’s best-known and best-loved […]

How to play guitar like Hank Marvin

20th May 2021 by Sam Bell
Hank Marvin is marvellous. I remember in my early days of guitar wonderment being obsessed […]

Submit to these spotify playlists in 2021

20th May 2021 by Will Francis
An individual, recently furloughed, is forced to work from home. No longer at the mercy […]

How to sing like a pro

16th April 2021 by Megan Sayer
Before I dive into some of my top tips for singers, I’d like you to […]

Sign up for free stuff

15th April 2021 by Jodie Amos
Exclusive free resources from our industry experts Our tutors aren’t just any old music teachers […]

WaterBear Hangs featuring Stuart Knight

9th April 2021 by Jodie Amos
Our very special guest at WaterBear Hangs next Thursday 15th April from 7-9pm is the […]

How to play guitar like Santana

9th April 2021 by Sam Bell
Carlos Santana perhaps needs no introduction. He has been one of the main public faces […]

How to play bass like Cliff Burton

26th March 2021 by Aidan Hampson
The silhouette of Cliff Burton has loomed large over rock since his playing burst onto […]

The Winner of The Dirk Lance Bursary is...

24th March 2021 by Jodie Amos
Earlier this month, WaterBear joined forces with the incredible bassist Dirk Lance to offer an […]

WaterBear Hangs featuring Jo Garland

22nd March 2021 by Jodie Amos
Our very special guest this Saturday 27th March at WaterBear Hangs is the wonderful Jo […]

A WaterBear Masterclass with Mark Roberts

22nd March 2021 by Jodie Amos
On Thursday 18th March, WaterBear’s very own Mark Roberts joined us to host a ‘Live […]

How to Build an Online Audience with Mary Spender and Cory Wong

17th March 2021 by Jodie Amos
We have just released an exclusive video over on our YouTube channel featuring our very […]

Special guest just announced for our March 27th Hang

16th March 2021 by Bruce Dickinson
WaterBear Hangs give you a unique opportunity to interact with our college team in real-time, using […]

How to do a radio interview

15th March 2021 by Adam Hayward
One of the most common questions that I’m asked is “how do I do an […]
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