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Life in Brighton

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Life in Brighton

Not from Brighton? We namecheck what's what in our vibrant city by the sea. Brighton is one of the greatest cities in England for music, nightlife and the creative arts. A city by the sea, with WaterBear situated in the very heart of it. And the beach is fantastic too.

Brighton Beach

Brighton's seafront is the perfect location to soak up the sun in the summer, walk along the promenade or check out the amazing cafes and bars with a sea view. There are nightclubs, the beach, water sports, the famous West Pier, Brighton Pier, The British Airways i360, and loads more besides.


Music is at the heart of what makes Brighton such an incredible place. This is why we're here. You'll always be able to find something to listen to or get involved with. It's home to a diverse range of bands and artists, with gigs on every night of the week. The city also hosts The Great Escape Festival, one of the largest festivals for new music in the world, where more than 450 new and emerging artists from all over the world perform each year. The electronic music equivalent, the Brighton Music Conference, also has its home here.

The North Laine

Brighton's renowned North Laine area is right on WaterBear's doorstep. Its small streets and alleyways are packed full of quirky boutiques, vintage shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The North Laine has a huge selection of independent shops and is bursting with activity. It's also the perfect place to grab a great coffee and just watch the world go by.


Brighton is world-famous for its vibrant nightlife culture, with lots of clubs and music venues offering something for everyone. There are countless pubs and restaurants, independent cinemas and of course, the fantastic live music and club scene. Brighton's club scene is world-famous, and the many music venues range from small backroom speakeasys hosting independent artists to stadium level acts playing at the Brighton Centre or Amex Stadium.


Brighton hosts a large number of arts, music, culinary and cultural events and festivals each year. The Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe are two of the biggest events, featuring theatre, music, art and visual media. All year round there are theatre productions, art exhibitions, gigs and events at many of the city's venues, theatres, pubs, museums and galleries. The UK's biggest LGBTQ+ event, Brighton Pride, is one of the city's major showpiece events. Performing arts is also a big attraction within the city, with venues such as The Theatre Royal featuring West End productions throughout the year. The city is also host to many pubs housing small theatres within their premises.

Food & Drink

Brighton’s culinary scene is as diverse as it’s music. From pop-up shops serving international plates, to sensational street food, fine dining, some of the best Sunday roasts you can find, and everything else in between, Brighton has loads to offer. Brighton is also home to many craft beer pubs and micro-breweries, as well as more established and well-known watering holes. Brighton is also home to many food and drink festivals occurring throughout the year.

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