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Posted on February 27, 2019

If you are an artist or band starting out, magazines and online publications are an important media channel to consider as part of your single/album release plan. The reality for the majority of artists releasing their debut, is that they don’t have budget to spend on Music PR and Plugging. The vast majority of innovative and disruptive artists are DIY artists who create and manage their own work and are working with small budgets. There is so much you can do on your own to get your music heard if you have the right tools and a plan.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, the world has changed with the evolution of digital media, but music journalism is far from dead and still offers value and opportunities for artists and bands. Walk into any independent café/bar in any major city and you will find free print music and arts publications that are working to support their local arts and music scene. In Brighton, we have the likes of Viva Brighton, Brighton’s Finest, XYZ Magazine and BN1 Magazine who are championing and supporting the local arts and music scene. Apart from the free print publications, there is a diverse range of UK wide print & online magazines re-populating the landscape that are genre and niche-oriented. The vast majority of these magazines want to hear new music and are open to direct submissions  from new artists and bands. These magazines are independent in spirit and want to champion independent music and artists.

Our key piece of advice is to ensure you approach your release with a clear plan. If you are not ready then don’t rush. The music journey is a long one and good things take a little longer. You need to be resilient. Learn, Collaborate and Grow. Get in touch with our team in Brighton if you would like to set up a consultation to discuss how we can help you on your music journey or join us at one of our regular Open Days.

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, before you consider releasing your music to the wider world, make sure to spend time developing your craft. The next step is to spend time developing a Professional EPK (Electronic Press Kit).

If you are releasing a single (don't consider releasing an album until  you are selling out your local 150 cap venue and have established a solid social media following - at that stage consider approaching an indie label) your campaign should start 6 weeks before the release date. We would advise you to send your music to a minimum of 10-15 blogs, magazines, radio stations etc  each week in this build up period.

Some of the online and print publications listed below are genre specific (e.g Hard Rock Hell are not likely to publish a story about a folk singer-songwriter and it works the other way for fRoots) so make sure to double check the genre of each publication.

Music publications that want to hear your music:

The Line of Best Fit
Submit your music here

I-D Magazine
Submit your music here

Music Republic Magazine
Submit your music here

The Quietus
Submit your music here

Hard Rock Hell Mag
Submit your music here

Maverick Magazine
Submit your music here

Folk Radio
Submit your music here

Source Magazine Brighton
Submit your music here

Brighton’s Finest
Submit your music here

The Wire Magazine
Submit your music here

Hot Press Magazine
Submit your music here

Submit your music here

Clash Magazine
Submit your music here

Submit your music here



By brian.mcNamara

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