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Applicant 1-1

All students applying to study at WaterBear must take part in the 1-1 session prior to any course offer being made.


- What is the 1-1 session for?

At WaterBear, the 1-1 applicant session is an essential part of the application process. It’s where we get to meet you in person, discuss your goals and aspirations and find out what you want to achieve by coming to WaterBear. It’s also a great opportunity for you to find out all about WaterBear and ask us any questions, so that you are fully informed to make the right choice about where to study. For BA (Hons) applicants, the 1-1 session is also where you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your music and activities.


- When do the 1-1s happen?

1-1 sessions are scheduled throughout the week. We try to be flexible and arrange them at a mutually convenient time for all.


- What happens at the 1-1 session?

1-1 sessions usually last for around 1 hour, during which time we will want to talk to you about your music and activities, your career aspirations and why you’re interested in studying a course with us. We will also want to assess your musical ability and see examples of your music.


- Do I have to visit in person?

Anyone who is able should come to see us personally at the college in Brighton, if possible. However, you can also choose to have your 1-1 via remote video conferencing, if preferred. It is important that we can interact visually with you, so a basic telephone call is not appropriate.


- What do I need to prepare / bring?

In the lead up to the 1-1 session, you will have been asked to provide links (video / audio / etc.) to examples of your best creative work. This helps us to determine what level you’re at and the extent of your musical activities to date. If nothing has been sent to us prior to the 1-1, you should bring examples of your work along with you on the day.


- Will I have to play or sing?

Live vocal or instrumental demonstrations are not required. But if you’re applying for a BA (Hons) course, it’s essential for us to be able to see what level you’re at. Vocalists and instrumentalists should therefore provide audio / video links, either before or on the day, that best showcases their abilities. If you would prefer to play or sing live on the day, that’s fine too. WaterBear will not be able to make an offer if you’re not able to demonstrate your musical work and ability during the 1-1.


- What happens after the 1-1?

We aim to give you a decision on whether an offer can be made immediately after the 1-1 session. In some cases, further consideration may be necessary which may delay the decision by up to 48 hrs. If we recommend you for an offer, an official offer letter will then be triggered and issued by our partner university shortly after.

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