Kairen Kemp

Kairen Kemp has worked in the entertainment industry since her teens first as an actor, then as a radio presenter, producer, music PR, booker and mentor.

She is known for her passion for great music and her empathy with artists. Kairen is a producer and presenter for the BBC on Introducing The South unsigned music show as well as guesting on other shows on the BBC. She has also worked in the commercial broadcasting sector on other UK stations. Her passion has been the development of all artists at all levels including unsigned artists. This has led to her mentoring and inspiring musicians and music business professionals at all stages in their careers. She gives lectures on PR and media technique.

As a PR Kairen has worked with major artists from the USA and Europe as well as the UK. She personally promotes gigs for visiting artist clients as well as with promoters in Brighton and London. She’s also a copywriter and novelist.

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