WaterBear presents: Indie Dance Free Sample Pack

Posted on 26th August 2021

Indie Dance

WaterBear are pleased to present a new series of downloadable sample packs, with our first release containing samples from the Indie Dance Genre.

As you might have noticed, Indie Dance has been gaining prominence in the scene over the last couple years. Clubs have seen a recent resurgence of 80s dance music such as Italo, house, EBM & disco, but with a more contemporary spin. You may have heard artists such as Lauer & Krystal Klear putting out record after record on labels like Running Back, with the tracks being built on some of those legendary drum machines and synths - which are luckily quite simple to emulate.

For this taster pack, Brighton producer ‘Tech Support’ has put together some drum sounds based on the Linndrum, plus the Roland TR 606 and TR 808, which are typically heard in this genre. Also included are the analogue synths Juno 60 & Sequential Pro-One ,and the Roland D-50; a digital keyboard which is light, breathy, and great for pads and stabs that slip into the mix without muddying the mix.

In the 80’s it was common for artists recording at studios which owned these machines, to simply use the presets that came with them - hence there are a lot of similar sounds in early House & Italo records from that era.

If you like what you hear and want to find out how to produce sample packs of your own, check out our BA (HONS) Electronic Music and Business degree course.

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