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How to play guitar like the Black Keys

13th August 2021 by Will Francis
You’re a drunkard. You feel hopelessly depressed, you’ve put on 25 pounds and the music […]

How to play guitar like BB King

9th July 2021 by Will Francis
It’s a smoky, wet paved night in the windy city of Chicago. November 21st 1964 […]

How to use Snapchat to promote your music

1st July 2021 by Will Francis
I know what you are thinking. As your eyes cross the softly lit screen processing the words above, “foolish […]

How to promote your music on Instagram

25th June 2021 by Will Francis
As per usual, I was late to the party. Beautiful people mingling, trending political and […]

What is EQ?

17th June 2021 by Will Francis
What is EQ?  Used on every instrument, in all playing situations and on all recordings, […]

How to Play Guitar like Prince

11th June 2021 by Will Francis
The year is 1984, you watch Dynasty then head to the cinema. There, the glorious […]

How to promote your music on TikTok

3rd June 2021 by Will Francis
Snapchat and Instagram’s child bathed in the ashes of Vine and arose as the viral […]

Submit Your Music to these Blogs

27th May 2021 by Will Francis
Your band is a well-oiled machine, owning stages (when they reopen, not long now) and […]

How to start a music teaching business

20th May 2021 by Will Francis
She wakes up at 7.40am to be online for 8am. Work is long, her eyes are […]

Submit to these spotify playlists in 2021

20th May 2021 by Will Francis
An individual, recently furloughed, is forced to work from home. No longer at the mercy […]
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