Tigercub Support Opportunity

WaterBear are very excited to announce the opportunity for students to support TigerCub & Congratulations whilst they perform as part of the WaterBear Freshers week. See below for more information on the event and how to apply.

Support Tigercub & Congratulations

WaterBear – The College of Music are very excited to announce that Tigercub and Congratulations will be performing on Monday 12th September live at The WaterBear Venue as part of the WaterBear Freshers week 2022. You can watch the video here.

In addition to this amazing Brighton based line-up, we are opening the opportunity for all our current and new BA & MA students to apply to support these 2 incredible bands. Pretty cool right?

Applications are open to all current online, onsite, and new 2022 students. If you would like the chance to support Tigercub & Congratulations, please read below on how to apply.

How to Apply

- Email [email protected] (make sure the subject line of the email mentions the band you are applying to support)
- Specify the course and the degree you’re studying/about to study
- Include your EPK (containing press pics, bio, links to 3 recorded tracks)
- Include a paragraph no longer than 100 words on why you think you should be chosen

Tigercub will be selecting their support themselves

Terms and Conditions

- You MUST be available to perform on Monday 12th September
- At least 1 member of your band should be currently studying or just about to study at WaterBear. Proof may be requested before your application is considered
- All members of the band MUST be over 18 by September 12th, 2022
- Applications close on August 19th 2022 at midnight
- The winner will be required to make a promotional video about this opportunity for the WaterBear socials

We look forward to receiving your entries, good luck!

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