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Posted on July 25, 2019

WaterBear have teamed up with musician and entrepreneur Rob Chapman to offer a scholarship opportunity for one exceptional student. The Rob Chapman Scholarship is valued at over £6,500 and is open to any student interested in any music discipline (guitar, vocals, bass, drums, production, songwriting, etc.) who enrols onto the 2-year online BA (Hons) Commercial Music programme at WaterBear. The online degree commences this Sept 2019.

The recipient of the Rob Chapman Scholarship 19/20 will benefit from the following:

- Cash award of £3000 GBP.
- Chapman guitar: your choice from the 'Pro-Range'.
- Kemper Profiler Stage Floorboard Unit.
Full range of Kemper profiles from Victory Amps.
- Set of Boss pedals (choose your own individual units to a value of £450).
- Custom Alder & Ash pedal board.

The scholarship award is designed to help the recipient with their living costs and support them throughout their time of study with WaterBear Online. The gear package allows the recipient to develop their ultimate pro guitar tone.

The BA (Hons) Commercial Music has been created for people who want to develop a stable and rewarding career in the music industry. Its comprehensive syllabus provides a firm foundation for the development of a long-term career. This course is suitable for: Vocalists, Guitarists, Drummers, Bassists, Producers, Songwriters, DJs, Tour Managers, Event Managers and Event Technicians.

WaterBear Ambassador and Director of Guitar Innovation Rob Chapman comments: “I am delighted to continue my support for the next generation of musicians on their musical journey". WaterBear Founder Director Bruce John Dickinson added: “The delivery of the new course is entirely online, which means a musician no longer needs to relocate in order to study with us. This fantastic opportunity; the Rob Chapman Scholarship will help to support one lucky student throughout their time at WaterBear, and beyond.”

How to apply:

All students enrolling onto the 2-year accelerated online BA (Hons) Commercial Music degree will automatically be eligible to apply for the Rob Chapman Scholarship 19/20 award. The application deadline is 01/10/19.

1. Go to
2. Select ‘Apply Now’ on the Home Page
3. Complete the short form and select BA (Hons) Commercial Music — Accelerated Online
4. WaterBear will be in contact shortly afterwards to schedule a consultation
5. For consultation guidelines, please visit

The cash award will be split over the two years of the programme and is not a reduction in course tuition fees. Terms & Conditions apply.

Click here for the full Terms & Conditions.

The BA (Hons) Commercial Music online programme qualifies for UK student loan funding, U.S Sallie Mae Funding, Sweden CSN Funding, Norway Lånekassen and Denmark SU – The Danish students’ Grants and Loans.

By balinthistvan

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