Rabea Massaad

Rabea Massad (Bea) is no ordinary music college guitar tutor. He is a titan of YouTube and DIY music. His band Dorje scored No.1 in the rock charts and went on to chart in over 30 countries. Rabea is man who does not rest on his laurels - his other act Toska scored a No.1 in the Bandcamp global charts and he is a key proponent in Frogleap.

Rabea’s social media achievements are nothing to scoff, not only is he a YouTube heavyweight, he is also a frequent star of Andertons TV, a Chapman artist, the face of Victory Amplifiers and a Neural DSP champion. He is part of the new breed of musician, going beyond the pale to continually innovate whilst performing, touring and espousing the DIY ethic. We're very proud to have him as part of WaterBear, the college of music.

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