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The Dirk Lance Bursary

Posted on February 22, 2021

WaterBear | The College of Music are proud to announce the launch of ‘The Dirk Lance Bursary'.

Formally the bassist of Incubus and currently the bass player for East of June, Dirk Lance has had a hugely successful career in the industry and is looking to give something back!

If you’re a bassist currently studying with WaterBear and would like the chance to apply for this incredible bursary, please find the application details and terms and conditions below.

"Some people have said, “Oh Dirk, it’s so wonderful that you want to help bassists with this bursary, you’re such a cool guy'. And they’re RIGHT! But unfortunately, bassists cannot supply themselves with strings and amps with thoughts and prayers alone. So, I’m supplying the cash baby, cause s**ts expensive during the zombie apocalypse"

To apply for the Dirk Lance Bursary, follow the steps below:

  • By 1st March 2021, please email [email protected] to submit your interest in applying for the bursary, the name of the course you’re studying on with WaterBear and your level of study.
  • Shortly after, you will then receive the needed assets.
  • Students to submit their video and written submission to [email protected] by 12th March 2021.

    How to submit:

  • Send a high-quality video of yourself playing along to Dirk’s track.
  • A written paragraph of no more than 200 words, explaining what you would do with the £500 gift.
  • Send the above to [email protected]
  • Deadline to submit your application is March 12th, 2021.

    Terms and conditions

  • Dirk will have the final say on the winning recipient
  • The winner will be announced during Dirk’s masterclass with WaterBear on March 23rd.
  • Only students currently studying with WaterBear can apply
  • The winning recipient’s submission video will be uploaded to the WaterBear social channels after the winner has been announced
  • The winning recipient will be required to contact WaterBear 4 weeks after receiving the bursary letting us know how the money has helped them. 

    Good Luck Everyone!

By jodie.amos

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