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On Thursday 18th March, WaterBear’s very own Mark Roberts joined us to host a ‘Live Mix Breakdown’ masterclass. This masterclass was hosted by our Head of Production George Donoghue and focussed on the track ‘King’ by Black Peaks, which Mark produced.

Mark talked us through the entire process, from getting the job to the final mix. He then gave a complete walk through of the session in Pro Tools, cutting no corners! Our attendees were able to see Mark’s working process and understand the decisions he made and why.

We were then able to hear the track in full, piecing together everything that had been spoken about in the class. This was a really insightful masterclass - thank you so much Mark!

Mark Roberts is a freelance producer, recording engineer, mixer and musician based in Brighton, UK. His work with artists such as Black Peaks, Delta Sleep, Toska, The Physics House Band and Rob Chapman has received national and international radio play, and charted around the world. Mark has also toured the UK and Europe extensively as drummer for bands Broker and InTechnicolour.

Last night was the penultimate event of WaterBear’s International Women’s Day celebrations. Dayna Ghiraldi – Travers, CEO and Founder of Big Picture Media was Thursday nights guest who focussed her masterclass on ‘Seeing the Big Picture in the Music Industry’, giving amazing insight into the world of PR.

Dayna started off by speaking to us about her incredible career and how she discovered her love for PR. She then went on to talk about the successful journey of building her own company, the main fundamentals of starting your own business, PR 101 and helping to shine the light on clients projects, and the importance of interning.

Dayna then kindly offered to share press release examples, useful documents, and contact information with our musicians to help with their journeys and careers.

This was such an interesting and inspiring masterclass, thank you so much for your time and generosity, Dayna!

Dayna Ghiraldi-Travers

Dayna Ghiraldi-Travers

On Wednesday 10th March, we had the pleasure of hosting a masterclass with the amazing Affy Green as part of our Women of WaterBear celebrations. Affy is a professional session drummer who has performed with the likes of Becky Hill, Zara Larsson and The Pet Shop Boys to name but a few.

Affy kicked off her masterclass with some incredible technical playing and presented a montage video of her career highlights. She then went on to discuss her professional journey as a session musician, giving some really honest and inspiring insight into the highs and lows she’s so far experienced throughout her career.

‘How to manage your Career’ was the title of this masterclass, and on this subject Affy spoke about the importance of having knowledge in all areas of the industry, the importance of saving, and striving for happiness.

The floor then opened up for WaterBear musicians to ask Affy some of their questions on topics such as the struggles around improvisation and the trust that comes with it, advice on how to become a session musician, what defines success, and whether female drummers are inadequately represented.

Affy then finished off by playing another live track for us which was fantastic.

Thank you so much for your honesty and wisdom, Affy. We can’t wait to have you back again soon!

Affy Green

Affy Green

Last night was the start of a week’s worth of celebrations for International Women’s Day at WaterBear. Lulu Minns, self-realisation coach and presenter of She Rebel Radio hosted Monday evening's event on ‘2021: The Year of Significant Women’.

Lulu told us about her journey on dialling up her own significance, personally and professionally, and how she overcame the challenges. She then opened the floor for the attendees of the event to come forward and speak about significance, which female inspires them and why, before exploring how we ourselves can dial up our own significance.

This event was intimate yet powerful and we thank Lulu very much for sharing her wisdom and empowering our musicians!

Lulu Minns

Lulu Minns

Last night, the musicians of WaterBear had the pleasure of attending a masterclass hosted by our very own Jade Williams. This masterclass was unique and very refreshing, focussing on the psychology of anxiety in performance.

For many musicians, nerves and anxiety can sometimes get the better of us before a performance. Jade shared with us the importance of these feelings and how we can be in touch with them and stay focussed on the most important thing, the performance.

The attendees of the masterclass shared their own experiences of nerves and anxiety and were shown breathing exercises to help the focus and control the nerves that had the potential to creep up before a performance / audition / competition.

This was a really great masterclass on such an important subject.

Thank you, Jade!

Jade Williams

Jade Williams

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