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Beatport and WaterBear partner up to announce new scholarship award for 2022.

Beatport, one of the world’s largest and most successful online music stores for electronic music, has partnered with WaterBear to offer the Beatport Scholarship for 2022. The Beatport Scholarship will cover tuition fees for one lucky student for their degree course at WaterBear. The course eligible for the scholarship award is the BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business (3yr and 2yr options), starting September 2022.


Courses Eligible:

BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business (3yr onsite)

BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business (2yr online)

“Everything we do at Beatport begins with our love of electronic music. Since our founding in 2004, the mission has remained the same: Serve the unique needs of our community with world-class products and services that inspire and connect the landscape of creators, DJs, and fans. Through this commitment, our goal is to constantly drive innovation and inspiration, helping to lead and define the progression of dance music culture.”
Heiko Hoffmann - Vice President, Global Artist Services, Beatport Group
Key Information
Applications open: 1st June 2022
Applications close: 19th August 2022
Applications sent to: [email protected]
How to Apply

1. Send an email to [email protected] providing a personal statement telling us about your background, your music and why you would benefit from this scholarship. Tell us where you would like to take your music in the future. This can be submitted in a written format (approx. 1000 words) or a video (approx. 5 minutes).

2. Include links to at least 3 filmed or recorded performances. These can be studio or live performances; phone video is fine and audio quality needs to be good enough that we can clearly identify the parts and performances. If you are sending a collaborative performance, please make your own contribution clear.

3. Please also confirm in the email that you have read and understood the Beatport Scholarship Terms & Conditions (see below).

4. Ensure you get your completed application with all requested information to us by the deadline of Friday 19th August 2022.

5. WaterBear will be in contact with you thereafter with news about your application and whether or not you have been successful. All applicants will be notified of the outcome by Friday 26th August 2022.

About this Course

The BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business degree is designed to give you the tools you’ll need for a sustainable career as an independent artist and self-reliant music professional.

The course is flexible so you can study in a way that suits you. And you can build your own music projects into the course. It’s fully accredited and approved by one of the UK’s leading specialist universities for the creative industries, Falmouth University.

Terms and Conditions

Applications to the Beatport Scholarship by students enrolling or enrolled on the BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business course at WaterBear are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. One (1) Beatport Scholarship place is available for the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. The successful recipient of the Scholarship award will be selected by an independent industry panel whose decision will be final.

2. The Scholarship award application is open to new and existing students applying to and studying the BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business course.

3. Applications can be submitted from Wednesday 1st June 2022 and will remain open until Friday 19th August 2022. The successful applicant will be announced by Friday 26th August 2022.

4. The successful recipient of the Beatport Scholarship award will be notified by email from WaterBear to inform them directly of the decision. WaterBear will celebrate the news of the Scholarship award being made by running the story across the usual media outlets.

5. The Scholarship award will cover tuition fees for the 2-year online or 3-year onsite version of the BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business course.

6. For WaterBear students currently studying the BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business course, the scholarship award will cover the remaining course tuition fee amount and will not cover tuition fees for previous study.

7. The Scholarship award is for tuition fees only and does not cover living expenses or other associated course costs.

8. Course entry requirements apply. WaterBear welcomes applications from non-standard applicants and mature students. WaterBear can advise on your suitability for the course.

9. The successful recipient of the Beatport Scholarship award agrees to participate in press and PR opportunities as required and to provide quotes and updates where appropriate.

10. WaterBear will immediately cease any award associated with the Beatport Scholarship being made if: a) The student in receipt of the Beatport Scholarship withdraws from the programme of study; b) The student in receipt of the Beatport Scholarship is suspended or excluded from WaterBear; c) The student in receipt of the Beatport Scholarship is unable to continue their studies at WaterBear; d) The student in receipt of the Beatport Scholarship has made any misrepresentation or acted fraudulently or dishonestly in their application.

11. WaterBear Education reserves the right to withdraw the Scholarship and associated awards if any of these terms and conditions are not met.

12. There is no cash or cash equivalent associated with the Beatport Scholarship award.

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