Advice and Guidance

August 2021

At WaterBear, we’ve been closely following the advice and guidance set out by the Government in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. It remains our priority to ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors to the college.

Our courses have, from the very beginning, been designed to be flexible, enabling students to study their courses whether or not they are able to attend college. We’re very pleased to say that, having recently been put to the utmost test, this flexible learning model has stood up to the challenges of Covid-19.

In July of this year, the government announced that most Covid-related restrictions in England would be lifted, meaning that we are looking forward to the new academic year starting in September under near-normal circumstances.  One of the key factors in being able to lift restrictions and return to normality in this way has been the success of the vaccination programme. Therefore, in line with government guidance, we are encouraging all our students and staff to ensure they receive their vaccinations to reduce the chances of becoming ill with Covid-19 and restrict the spread of Coronavirus.

Although the effects of pandemic appear to be receding, at WaterBear we will continue to take measures to ensure the ongoing safety of our students, staff and visitors. Some measures that will continue to be in place at the College include:

Smaller class sizes. A commitment to keeping class sizes smaller has always been and will remain a central component of the WaterBear ethos. We will always continue to manage class sizes in future to ensure we adhere to social distancing advice.

Learning model. Our curriculum delivery model has always been flexible to allow for a blend of onsite and online activity. This model has helped us ensure smooth transitions between onsite and online learning.

Enhanced health and safety precautions. Our campus buildings will continue to employ certain measures by to help combat the threat of Covid-19. These include posters and signs to encourage hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers, installed hand sanitiser stations and increased cleaning rotas.

Ongoing advice and guidance. It is likely that the threat of Covid-19 will last indefinitely. We will ensure to align with all the latest government advice and guidance which will inform the actions we take and the advice we give.  Our staff and tutors have received training and guidance, which is ongoing.  The advice we give to all students and visitors who might have reason to attend the WaterBear buildings remains as follows:

What to expect when onsite at WaterBear and how you can do your bit to help:

  1. Wash and sanitise your hands regularly.
  2. Help us to keep clean and safe – always follow instructions.
  3. Bring your own headphones / drumsticks / picks, etc.  Do not use any other equipment apart from your own.
  4. Wearing of face coverings is not compulsory but remains at the discretion of the individual.  It is recommended face coverings are worn in particularly crowded areas.
  5. If you have symptoms, do not come to the college and ensure you get tested.

As has always been the case at WaterBear, we will continue to make all lecture content and materials available online, whether or not you’re studying an on-site or fully online course. This provides additional comfort for anyone not able to come to the college in person, for whatever reason, who doesn’t want to miss out or fall behind with their studies.

We’ll continue to do all we can to ensure everyone’s safety at WaterBear and help stop the spread of Cornonavirus. If you have any further questions or would like to chat with us, please drop us a line on, or call us on 01273 726230.

For up to date advice and guidance on the Coronavirus pandemic, please refer to the NHS ( and Government ( websites.

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