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What you really need to start your home studio

13th November 2020 by Sam Organ
As musicians or artists, we’ve all felt a feeling of longing to be able to […]

How to nail your UCAS application

4th November 2020 by István Balinth
UCAS is a vital part of the university application process in the UK. And it's […]

Harnessing the power of feedback

22nd October 2020 by Rob Town
As someone that's creative and whose life involves time spent in music business (whether you're […]

Publishing Deals Explained

2nd September 2020 by Sarah Pike
If you’re writing unique music or songs, at some point in your music career you […]

Why Your Band Can’t Find A Manager

19th August 2020 by Lulu Davis
The topic of management comes with a lot of implications and considerations, and there are […]

Xmas radio tips & getting your band on the radio

24th December 2019 by Georgie Palzeaird
Merry Christmas, my name is Georgie and I previously worked as a radio plugger. My […]

6 tips that will make you a better songwriter

26th June 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
I want to help you with your songwriting. My aim is not to help you […]

5 tips that will make you a better vocalist

4th June 2019 by Amba Tremain
I could start this blog off with the standard approach that every one seems to […]

3 reasons why your songs are failing

21st May 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
In this blog I want to discuss why your songs are failing and more importantly […]

5 tips that will make you a better bass player

8th May 2019 by Laurance Bridge
When I started to teach privately I was surprised by the amount of students who […]

3 reasons to not do a record deal

16th April 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Okay, so I am absolutely not saying that none of us should ever do a […]

Top 5 tips for warming up your voice

13th March 2019 by Abi Crista D’arcy
First up, here are some of my key tips for vocalists who are preparing for […]

Vocal health tips for singers

5th March 2019 by Amba Tremain
I’m currently sitting here sniffing away, battling yet another cold... I should probably take out […]

Build your fan base in 2019

8th January 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Welcome to 2019! Perhaps you’ve seen the memes pointing out that we’re now entering the […]
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