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How to promote your music on Instagram

25th June 2021 by Will Francis
As per usual, I was late to the party. Beautiful people mingling, trending political and […]

How to promote your music on TikTok

3rd June 2021 by Will Francis
Snapchat and Instagram’s child bathed in the ashes of Vine and arose as the viral […]

8 ways you can drive fans to your website

13th May 2020 by Rob Town
For music artists and bands looking to grow their fan base, a great website remains […]

Your social media: survive or thrive

22nd April 2020 by Rob Town
Creating and publishing social media content on a regular basis can sometimes feel like an […]

How to get started with social media

20th August 2019 by Damian Keyes
I’m a social media music industry specialist and in this blog, I want to share […]

How to grow your YouTube subscribers

3rd April 2019 by Andy Crowley
There is little doubt that starting a YouTube channel and becoming an online guitar teacher […]
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