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The Dirk Lance Bursary

22nd February 2021 by Jodie Amos
WaterBear | The College of Music are proud to announce the launch of ‘The Dirk […]

How to get your band playing in front of a booking agent

12th October 2020 by Josh Rowley
So you’ve played the local circuit. Perhaps you have previously booked your own DIY tour […]

The ins and outs of running a venue

5th October 2020 by István Balinth
Hello, I'm Ade Dovey and I have worked in the Venue and Live Music Industry […]

Radio stations that want to hear your music

23rd April 2019 by Brían McNamara
Video didn't kill the radio star.....will digital streaming? Unlikely. Radio is and always has been […]

Music publications that want to hear your music

27th February 2019 by Brían McNamara
If you are an artist or band starting out, magazines and online publications are an […]

Here's why print music journalism is far from dead

19th February 2019 by Claire Lloyd
Ok. It can’t be denied that traditional journalism, particularly print, has been greatly affected by […]

How to grow your Spotify followers

12th February 2019 by Brían McNamara
For a lot of musicians starting out and for small indie label owners, Spotify can […]

How to make an impact with your EPK

5th February 2019 by Claire Lloyd
We’ll start by listing what you need to put in an electronic press kit. These […]

Music blogs that want to hear your music

29th January 2019 by Brían McNamara
The majority of exciting artists shaking up the music industry are DIY – self releasing […]

Build your fan base in 2019

8th January 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Welcome to 2019! Perhaps you’ve seen the memes pointing out that we’re now entering the […]

Making the most out of your merch

11th December 2018 by Sam Robson
Introduction Bands, fans and merchandise have a three-way relationship that go back a LONG way! […]

Get yourself noticed with the ultimate band photo

5th December 2018 by Brían McNamara
A band's guide to photographers, photoshoots & promotional photography If you collect clichés, “A picture […]
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