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Phil Taggart's Career Clinics launch at WaterBear

12th February 2021 by Georgie Palzeaird
We’re excited to announce that Phil Taggart will be running exclusive one-to-one career development sessions […]

What you really need to start your home studio

13th November 2020 by Sam Organ
As musicians or artists, we’ve all felt a feeling of longing to be able to […]

How to nail your UCAS application

4th November 2020 by István Balinth
UCAS is a vital part of the university application process in the UK. And it's […]

Harnessing the power of feedback

22nd October 2020 by Rob Town
As someone that's creative and whose life involves time spent in music business (whether you're […]

Finding Management Contacts - A Guide

22nd September 2020 by Sarah Pike
At some point in your music career, you may find that self-managing isn’t an effective […]

Publishing Deals Explained

2nd September 2020 by Sarah Pike
If you’re writing unique music or songs, at some point in your music career you […]

The musicians' guide: how to avoid injuries

29th April 2020 by Laurance Bridge
Blisters, calluses, headstock injuries and electric shocks. They don't tell you about all of this […]

The musicians’ guide to gigging online: are you getting it right?

15th April 2020 by Stuart Brewer
Music has always been at the forefront of social interaction. From the moment you start […]

The musicians' guide: nurturing your wellbeing

8th April 2020 by Laurance Bridge
During this time of isolation, it’s important to consider how’s best to maintain and nurture […]

The musicians' guide: financial management during COVID-19

25th March 2020 by Robert Logan
If you’re a gigging musician, you are probably starting to feel the strain. Your livelihood […]

The musicians' guide: coping with COVID-19

17th March 2020 by Laurance Bridge
We have regretfully taken the decision that all on-site teaching and learning activities at WaterBear […]
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