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WaterBear Presents Yonaka

16th August 2021 by Jodie Amos
WaterBear | The College of Music are giving you an amazing and unique chance to […]

Book Your First Gig

26th August 2020 by Sarah Pike
With the world currently suspended in a new normal, you might be a little confused […]

Future-Proof Your Music Career

25th July 2020 by Lulu Davis
What does ‘future-proofing your career’ mean? Whether you’re an artist trying to make a career […]

3 quick wins to improve your live shows

6th August 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
I want to impart you with a few quick wins for improving your live shows. […]

How to prepare for an audition

16th July 2019 by Damian Keyes
I’ve spent twenty years auditioning musicians. In every music college, my main role has been […]

How to rehearse like a pro

3rd July 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Reading this blog will ensure you conduct rehearsals like a professional. I’ll tell you the […]

WaterBear hosts secret Sofar Sounds show

19th June 2019 by WaterBear
WaterBear | The College of Music was buzzing with excitement as it played host to […]

Top 5 tips for warming up your voice

13th March 2019 by Abi Crista D’arcy
First up, here are some of my key tips for vocalists who are preparing for […]

Vocal health tips for singers

5th March 2019 by Amba Tremain
I’m currently sitting here sniffing away, battling yet another cold... I should probably take out […]

Apply to play at these UK festivals. Are you ready?

15th January 2019 by Brían McNamara
January can be a quiet month for the live music scene in the UK, but […]

How to work with venues & get gig ready

27th November 2018 by Brían McNamara
As the saying goes: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The tech […]

Festivals: how to approach them - bookers advice

5th November 2018 by WaterBear
It’s no secret that festivals have become a major and thriving part of the music […]
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