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8 ways you can drive fans to your website

13th May 2020 by Rob Town
For music artists and bands looking to grow their fan base, a great website remains […]

How to gig online and get paid

8th May 2020 by Mike Ross
At a time when it seems like the whole world has taken to social media […]

Your social media: survive or thrive

22nd April 2020 by Rob Town
Creating and publishing social media content on a regular basis can sometimes feel like an […]

The musicians’ guide to gigging online: are you getting it right?

15th April 2020 by Stuart Brewer
Music has always been at the forefront of social interaction. From the moment you start […]

Submit your music to these blogs | 2020

11th March 2020 by Laurance Bridge
With a DIY ethos you can really make things happen in the music industry. There […]

Submit to these Spotify playlists in 2020

26th February 2020 by Laurance Bridge
Getting your music on Spotify playlists is an increasingly popular way of generating plays for […]

How to make £100 a day from your merch

18th September 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Today, I want to talk about how to make £100 a day on Merch. Having […]

How to get started with social media

20th August 2019 by Damian Keyes
I’m a social media music industry specialist and in this blog, I want to share […]

How to grow your YouTube subscribers

3rd April 2019 by Andy Crowley
There is little doubt that starting a YouTube channel and becoming an online guitar teacher […]

How to grow your Spotify followers

12th February 2019 by Brían McNamara
For a lot of musicians starting out and for small indie label owners, Spotify can […]

Music blogs that want to hear your music

29th January 2019 by Brían McNamara
The majority of exciting artists shaking up the music industry are DIY – self releasing […]
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