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Phil Taggart's Career Clinics launch at WaterBear

12th February 2021 by Georgie Palzeaird
We’re excited to announce that Phil Taggart will be running exclusive one-to-one career development sessions […]

How to nail your UCAS application

4th November 2020 by István Balinth
UCAS is a vital part of the university application process in the UK. And it's […]

Harnessing the power of feedback

22nd October 2020 by Rob Town
As someone that's creative and whose life involves time spent in music business (whether you're […]

How to get your band playing in front of a booking agent

12th October 2020 by Josh Rowley
So you’ve played the local circuit. Perhaps you have previously booked your own DIY tour […]

The ins and outs of running a venue

5th October 2020 by István Balinth
Hello, I'm Ade Dovey and I have worked in the Venue and Live Music Industry […]

Finding Management Contacts - A Guide

22nd September 2020 by Sarah Pike
At some point in your music career, you may find that self-managing isn’t an effective […]

Publishing Deals Explained

2nd September 2020 by Sarah Pike
If you’re writing unique music or songs, at some point in your music career you […]

Book Your First Gig

26th August 2020 by Sarah Pike
With the world currently suspended in a new normal, you might be a little confused […]

Why Your Band Can’t Find A Manager

19th August 2020 by Lulu Davis
The topic of management comes with a lot of implications and considerations, and there are […]

Music and Mental Health – How to get back on track

5th August 2020 by Bruce Dickinson
How I recovered from two decades of anxiety and depression. A musician’s guide to better […]

WaterBear's ultimate band name generator

3rd June 2020 by Bruce Dickinson
Creating the ultimate band name (or indeed album or song title) can be a right […]

5 tips for composing for film and TV – dispelling the myths

21st May 2020 by Robin Schlochtermeier
Writing music for film and television can seem like a book of seven seals.  We […]

How to gig online and get paid

8th May 2020 by Mike Ross
At a time when it seems like the whole world has taken to social media […]

How to submit your song to radio stations in 2020

5th February 2020 by Laurance Bridge
At WaterBear, the college of music, we have published several videos and tips on how […]

How to write the perfect press release for radio

14th January 2020 by Georgie Palzeaird
This blog is all about press releases, which are super important. Now you may think […]

3 signs your band isn't going to make it

8th January 2020 by Bruce Dickinson
I will tell you the three deciding factors in your band’s success. However, the important […]

Your New Years resolution: organising & monetising your music career

2nd January 2020 by Laurance Bridge
Happy New Year, I hope you are feeling ready for 2020. If not, let this […]

5 things bands should never do at a gig

13th December 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Tip no.1 - don’t talk drivel. People fail to appreciate that a set needs to […]

What makes a good band great?

6th December 2019 by Sam Robson
I love all things band. Today, I’d like to talk to you about how to […]

Are you an artist or a business?

29th November 2019 by Laurance Bridge
“I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man” Jay-Z Are you an artist or a […]
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