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Meet Sonia Panova

9th November 2019 by Adam Bushell
I was born in the Soviet Union, in Moscow. I think my family was quite […]

What can I do with a music degree? Your transferable skills and the career paths

7th November 2019 by Laurance Bridge
You have started your music degree and you want to achieve variety in your creative […]

What your band needs to know about radio pluggers

31st October 2019 by Georgie Palzeaird
Over the last five years, I've worked in various radio positions including plugging. In this […]

Top 5 music distributors; the companies that will break your music.

23rd October 2019 by Laurance Bridge
You have written the hit and with it you have spent countless hours in the […]

Why musicians shouldn't listen to their parents

25th September 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Do not listen to your parents. Actually, let me rephrase. Musicians, do not listen to […]

How to make £100 a day from your merch

18th September 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Today, I want to talk about how to make £100 a day on Merch. Having […]

How to manage musicians

12th September 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Let's discuss the six-million-dollar question “How do you manage pesky musicians?” This is why bands […]

How to make the perfect radio edit

28th August 2019 by Georgie Palzeaird
I’ve worked at various radio stations over the years as a presenter and a music […]

How to get started with social media

20th August 2019 by Damian Keyes
I’m a social media music industry specialist and in this blog, I want to share […]

How to book your own tour (insider tips)

13th August 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
It can be tough being a professional musician, however, this blog is all about making […]

3 quick wins to improve your live shows

6th August 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
I want to impart you with a few quick wins for improving your live shows. […]

Meet Simon Lawson

2nd August 2019 by Simon Lawson
I come from a very small village outside of Reading and I was never surrounded […]

How to budget & record an album in 2020

29th July 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
How are you going to create the budget for recording an album in 2020? And, […]


25th July 2019 by István Balinth
WaterBear have teamed up with musician and entrepreneur Rob Chapman to offer a scholarship opportunity […]

Am I too old to have a career in music?

23rd July 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
I have a message of hope to all those who want a career in music. […]

Meet Jodie Amos

19th July 2019 by Jodie Amos
People of Water bear are characterised by great team spirit and perhaps we are drawn […]

How to prepare for an audition

16th July 2019 by Damian Keyes
I’ve spent twenty years auditioning musicians. In every music college, my main role has been […]

Meet Ben Ash

16th July 2019 by Ben Ash
WaterBear Masters class of 2019 Ben Ash – "I was too nice to be a […]

How to get a publishing deal

9th July 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
Publishing is a subject close to my heart as my first publishing deal directly resulted […]

Rob Chapman guitar lesson plus backing track download

3rd July 2019 by Bruce Dickinson
WaterBear | The College of Music presents a selection of backing tracks to improvise over […]
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