How to submit your song to radio stations in 2020

Posted on 5th February 2020

At WaterBear, the college of music, we have published several videos and tips on how to get your music on the radio. We're passionate about helping emerging artists and bands get heard. In this blog, we provide a practical route filled with submission links to popular music radio stations in the UK.

Before diving into each specific radio station, lets recap on the top three tips that will give your tracks the best chance for radio success:

Make the perfect radio edit

Read this blog (link above) for further information on:

Editing out the swearing

This should be self-explanatory but to get radio traction you’ll need to keep the cussing to a minimum. Have a clean and dirty edit of your track for this reason.

Consider the length of your track

There is a sweet spot of about three minutes in the perfect radio edit. There are exceptions, but you'll notice a successful song usually adheres to this rule. Creating a radio hit is an art – learn to enjoy the creative restriction around it.

The importance of the intro

Consider having an intro, this will allow the presenter some time to speak and introduce you before the singing starts. It can really help.

Write the perfect press release

Writing a press release is an art form in itself – here are some top takeaways (don't forget to check the link in the title).

Keep it short 

Your press release should be one-page maximum. If you have gone over, consider revising it. A producer will want to scan through it to find your act's highlights.

The layout

To keep it easy, here's the best way to order your press release:

  1. Your band or artist name

2. The name of the single/EP

3.  Have links embedded into the single or video (Professional Recording)

4.  Artwork (Hi-Res Main Image/Hi-Res Professional Shots)

5.  The blurb

6. Social media contact info

Note, this should all fit on one page!

The links

Hyperlink text to point to the relevant social media channels and streaming sites. It looks more professional and helps to condense your text. Also, get Soundcloud so you can distribute private links efficiently.

The blurb

This is your chance to show off a bit – put your key highlights in bold, so they are easily readable!

Make it easy for the radio producer to find you

Don’t tell people where to find you – give them links to your socials and streaming site. Always think about making the presenter's job as easy as possible!

Submit your music to these radio stations

If you have a professionally recorded radio edit and press release ready, you have all you need to start sending to the below links. Good luck!

Amazing Radio
Genre: Rock/Alternative/Indie
Submit Your Music

BBC Introducing
Submit your music here 

BBC 6 Music – Giles Peterson Show
Hip Hop/Rap, Dance/Electronic, Soul/R&B/Funk, Jazz

Folk Radio
Submit your music here

Hard Rock Hell Radio
Hard Rock /Metal
Submit your music here

Radio Reverb 97.2FM (Brighton)
Submit your music here 

Rinse FM 106.8FM (London)
Garage/Grime/Dubstep/House and Jungle
Submit your music here

Fresh on the Net
Genre: Alternative/Alt-Pop/Pop
Submit Your Music

Fab Music
Genre: Alternative/Rock/Pop
Submit Your Music

KiSS Radio
Genre: Pop/Mainstream
Submit your Music

Under Dogs With Lucy Leeds
Genre: Alternative/Rock/Pop
Submit Your Music

Unity Radio
Genre: Hip Hop/RNB/Grime/Garage/Bass Music/Drum & Bass/House/Reggae & Afrobeats
Submit Your Music

Radio Hartlepool
Genre: Mainstream/Local
Submit Your Music

Genre: Old Skool and Anthems
Submit Your Music

Genre: Rock/Metal/Hard Rock
Submit Your Music

Planet Rock
Genre: Rock/Alternative Metal
Submit Your Music

Resonance FM
Genre: Alternative/Experimental
Submit Your Music

BBC Radio 1Xtra
Genre: Urban/Hip Hop/Grime
Submit Your Music

Genre: Electronic/House/Techno/DNB
Submit Your Music

by Laurance Bridge
An experienced bassist that’s had broad studio & live performance experience, having played legendary venues such as the Concorde 2, The Borderline, The Camden Barfly, Ronnie Scotts, Whelans Dublin and The Brighton Dome. His recorded work has achieved airtime on BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio, RTE 1 and BBC introducing. He’s also performed at The Great Escape, Beautiful Days, Camden Rocks and Black Deer Festivals supporting artists such as The Libertines, Pete Doherty, Rat Boy, Yonaka, The Levellers and Frank Turner.
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