Apply to play these music festivals in 2020

Posted on 29th January 2020

It’s January 29th, 2020, the end of hibernation is drawing to a close. I hope you are fuelled by the promise found in the demise of Winter. Take that positivity, push through and compose your bands 2020 festival plans.

Where are you going to play? How are you going to apply? Is your band match fit? Ultimately, you are in charge of these considerations. However, if it's of any advice – go out, cast the net and see what your music brings in.

Festivals are vital in breaking your act, increasing its reach and attracting exposure in new territory. They provide an excellent method for new acts to break through, they are incredibly career affirming and fun. Now, before we jump straight in here is some advice;

Is your music rehearsed to a high standard?   

Remember, you can land a festival and not be ready for it. Perhaps you are not as tight as you could be and maybe there are out of tune backing vox, and wonky arrangements in the set?  Record your practice sessions be critical and act on it.  Festivals are a shot at attracting fans/industry to your band – however, if you turn up and play poorly, it is a wasted opportunity.

Now, if you already playing blinding shows in your local scene, then you will have started to gather momentum and a buzz. This makes the next step easier.

Get on top of your socials and have a story

Going beyond the high follower count (this certainly helps) having something upcoming to promote during the festival season is useful in landing slots.  Ever wondered why so many releases are in the early Autumn?

Imagine, you have Glasto – you released a single in March, there has been some radio promotion, and as a consequence you have  boosted your social network. There is a buzz, and in September the EP comes out. This is a plus for bookers, they know that on an EP campaign you will engage PR, perhaps land some further radio plays, spotify playlists and engage in interviews. In turn, you will be plugging the festival, which ultimately will lead to higher ticket sales. If your band can demonstrate an increase in revenues for a festival, you have higher chances of getting on the bill.

Look pro, act pro

Sort out your image, take photos, make an EPK and, most importantly have music which vibes. It has to sound big and be at a professional level. Conveniently, you'll find a wealth of information through our blogs and videos that can help with all these aspects.

Let’s get applying

If you feel your band is ready for the festival stage, there is nothing left to do then apply. To help you, here is a list of upcoming UK festival dates with application URLs. Remember, there is a range of genres in this list – always consider if your act fits the requirements - if it does STOP READING AND GET APPLYING!

Upcoming UK festivals

Black Deer Festival |19th – 21st  Jun

Arc Tangent20th – 23rd Aug

Glastonbury | 24th – 28th June

Ramblin Man |17th – 19th July

Steelhouse Festival |24th- 26th July

Isle of Wight Festival |11th  – 14th June

Camp Bestival | 30th  – 02nd August

Focus Wales 2020 | 07th – 09th May

Reading and Leeds Festival |28th – 30th August

Download |12th-14th  June

Liverpool Sound City | 01st -03rd May

Big Love Festival | 12th – 15th June

The Great Escape |13th – 16th May

Tramlines (Apps Open Closer to the Event) | 31st  – 02nd July

Leestock | 23rd  – 24th May

Camden Rocks | 30th – 31st May

Latitude | 16th - 19th July

Kendal Calling | 30th July – 02nd Aug

Nozstock | 23rd  – 27th July

Standon Calling | 23th – 26th  July

Wireless festival |  3rd  – 5th July

51st state festival | 01st Aug

Neighbourhood Weekender | 23rd  May

HowTheLightGetsIn Festival | 22nd May – 25th May

Worcester Music Festival |11th Sep – 13th Sep

Hastings Beer and Music festival | 01st July – 04th July

Strawberries and Creem Festival | 20th June

Slam Dunk Festival | 24th May

Boomtown Fair | 12th August – 16th August

All points East | 29th May – 31st May

Victorious Festival | 28th - 30th Aug

Notable mentions

BBC Introducing | Multiple festival stages

Gigmit  | Offering multiple Gigs Worldwide








by Laurance Bridge
An experienced bassist that’s had broad studio & live performance experience, having played legendary venues such as the Concorde 2, The Borderline, The Camden Barfly, Ronnie Scotts, Whelans Dublin and The Brighton Dome. His recorded work has achieved airtime on BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio, RTE 1 and BBC introducing. He’s also performed at The Great Escape, Beautiful Days, Camden Rocks and Black Deer Festivals supporting artists such as The Libertines, Pete Doherty, Rat Boy, Yonaka, The Levellers and Frank Turner.
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