A WaterBear Masterclass with Mark Roberts

Posted on 22nd March 2021
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On Thursday 18th March, WaterBear’s very own Mark Roberts joined us to host a ‘Live Mix Breakdown’ masterclass. This masterclass was hosted by our Head of Production George Donoghue and focussed on the track ‘King’ by Black Peaks, which Mark produced.

Mark talked us through the entire process, from getting the job to the final mix. He then gave a complete walk through of the session in Pro Tools, cutting no corners! Our attendees were able to see Mark’s working process and understand the decisions he made and why.

We were then able to hear the track in full, piecing together everything that had been spoken about in the class. This was a really insightful masterclass - thank you so much Mark!

Mark Roberts is a freelance producer, recording engineer, mixer and musician based in Brighton, UK. His work with artists such as Black Peaks, Delta Sleep, Toska, The Physics House Band and Rob Chapman has received national and international radio play, and charted around the world. Mark has also toured the UK and Europe extensively as drummer for bands Broker and InTechnicolour.

by Jodie Amos
Front-women of her former band, drummer and singer Jodie graduated from her MA in Innovation and Enterprise and jumped straight in to Tour Managing a European month-long tour with Made on the Road. It was there that she discovered her passion for events and tours. After working alongside Bruce Dickinson in the first WaterBear UK tour, Jodie is now the Events Coordinator at WaterBear | The College of Music.
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