Ben Ash

(Carcass / Satyricon)

In 2013, Ben got his big break as live guitarist for the UK Grindcore/Death Metal legends Carcass supporting their US Top 40 comeback release ‘Surgical Steel’ (Nuclear Blast).

 After 5 years of extensive international touring with SlayerTestament and Deafheaven to name a few Ben took time out to focus on an MA in music industry, innovation and enterprise at Waterbear…whilst taking on ANOTHER high-end session slot!?!

Ben currently plays live session guitar for Norwegian Grammy award winning black metal band Satyricon resides as an MA holding mentor/tutor  at Waterbear and group leads the ‘Strummers’ guitar ensemble for New Note projects.  He is also developing the new music for his Glass Roses project and active with aspiring creatives on various social media platforms.

“The lessons, support and guidance I received from the family of Waterbear have been bar none. It has changed my outlook as a working creative and has given me the tools and resilience to cope and prosper in many challenging times and situations without losing hope or faith in my journey as a working creative. I am STILL Rocking, STILL inspired, stay SAFE but NEVER afraid. Highly recommended for the head and the soul”

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