The WaterBear Team

WaterBear was founded in 2018 by Adam Bushell, Bruce Dickinson and Mark Clayden. Although the college is new, our roots in music education go back to 1996. We have been the leading innovators in this field ever since. All tutors and mentors at WaterBear are also highly experienced professionals. It’s their job to ensure you get the best help and guidance possible to achieve your qualification and career goals.

Adam Bushell
Bruce Dickinson
Mark Clayden
Megan Sayer
Ben Thackeray
Rob Chapman
Luke Potashnick
Arya Goggin
Paul Sayer
Lisa McKeown
Amba Tremain
Mikey Demus
George Donoghue
Mikee Goodman
Terri Chapman
Mikey Sorbello
Ben Thackeray
Ben Ash
Dave Colquhoun
George Holliday
Jimmy Owen
Paul Bielatowicz
Sam Bell
Ben Thackeray
Jimmy Owen
Paul Bielatowicz
Sam Bell